You were fabulous!  The moms took home so many wonderful ideas and clothing!!!  Your ideas were so useful and everyone had such an enjoyable day.   The moms who attended all benefited from your information.  As you saw, these were very spunky women.” ~ Glowe C.

I would highly recommend Elena for your wardrobe needs. She is knowledgeable, professional, an expert in her field and fun to work with! ~ Lois W.

If truth be told – I was a little afraid of having Elena come into my home.  At the strong urging of my wife – I finally agreed.  Thank God!  While I tend to be very conservative – I was skeptical as to what she could do for me.  She respected my stand while still allowing me to see (through baby steps) that even conservative needed an update.  While I still dress conservative – I do now have a few “out of the box” items (at least for me) that I am quite happy with.  I’m also receiving many compliments – something that never happened before.” ~ Peter M.

I never thought I’d be hiring a wardrobe consultant – after all I AM a designer and I know what looks good . . . . After hearing my friends rave about her, I finally asked Elena to come and look over my professional wardrobe. She was exactly what I needed! Elena looked over what I had, put together coordinated outfits, and recommended which pieces I needed to buy to fill in the gaps. Now I can make the most of my time and budget by shopping just for the pieces that will help me wear what I already have!” ~ Karen D.

I am looking at my closet in a whole new way!” ~ Mindy C

Elena removed my wardrobe anxieties! I didn’t have to go shopping, I just invited her into my closet. Her tips, advice, and counseling (without any overhauls) have given me 100% confidence each time I need to decide what to wear. I didn’t realize how much stress this was causing me until after our session when I discovered what it felt like NOT to have stress about it! She is a treasure!” ~ Colleen H.

Hiring Elena as my personal shopper and fashion consultant was one of the best investments I have made! As a new Mom, my work and casual wardrobes needed to be recreated. I didn’t have the time or desire to do the shopping myself, so Elena took care of everything. She came to my house, audited my closet, and guided me on what I needed to make my wardrobe complete with basics and pop pieces. Elena did all the shopping and brought the clothes to me for fittings. Her knowledge of the current retail inventory and willingness to find great items for a discounted price enabled me to have a fabulous brand new wardrobe for a great price. In the end she saved me money! Last but not least, Elena sold my old clothes online… She is amazing!” ~ Aimee K.

I have known Elena for several years. She has an eye for Fashion. Even more then that, she knows in an instant what will look good on you specifically. She has been a great help to me in expanding and retooling my wardrobe. Elena has come to my home and gone thru my closet and helped put together outfits from my existing wardrobe. In addition, as a personal shopper, she always has an eye out for what will look good on me and has come up with many great selections. I recommend that you get her on your team and then you will look your best.” ~ Theresa B.

Elena is an amazing stylist that can help anyone. Whether you need a total make over because you have changed weight or you just need to update your curt style, she is great. She is very patient and knowledgable about what body types look good in which styles. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to look better in the work or personal life.” ~ Rhonda G.

I was planning on going back to dating and knew my wardrobe needed an update.  Elena helped find a wardrobe suitable for my social life AND my corporate life.  In seeing how my clothes were not presenting me properly – I let Elena go wild.  Thanks to her – I am now in a serious relationship and have been promoted to the job I was working towards.  They say clothes make the man – I now believe it.” ~ Mark A.

Thank you for giving your time and expertise to the Moms of WANDA at our Dress for Success seminar. You gave confidence to these women by presenting them with tools to put together a simple but glamorous wardrobe for work using a few key pieces – all on a budget. Your question and answer session throughout the seminar was so informative for the Moms and they really appreciated how you helped them go “shopping” for things to add to their own wardrobe. We know the Moms benefited from your instruction and will leverage that to appropriately dress for future business meetings or interviews. Again, we are so appreciative for your involvement in making this seminar an absolute success. The Moms rated you very highly and we hope we can count on working with you again next year. ” ~ Wanda