the colors of fall 2014…

where do you go to know the colors for the season? well pantone…of course…and isn’t this a beautiful variety for our fall 2014 season?

of course…there are shades of these to choose from…from light to dark…so don’t get stuck on one specific color…

this fall…the stores will be full of…

shades of grey (pale, ash, slate, charcoal)
abundance of green (lime, dark, jade, yellow-green, forest green, kelly green, neon green)
fleshy nudes (peachy-beige, pink-beige, tan-beige)
harvest tones (deep violet, red violet, fern green, nutmeg)
saturated brights (blood orange, cobalt blue, lemon zest, grass green)
black & white
radiant reds (scarlet, boysenberry, deep coral red)
which color is calling out YOUR name?  and how do you plan to incorporate it into your wardrobe?  please share in the comments below…

photo source – pinterest

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