how to incorporate new trends via a scarf…

an easy way to add a new trend to your already fabulous style…perhaps a trend that you like…but want to step into lightly…is via a scarf…a scarf to begin with…is already a great way to add style to an outfit…for the spring/summer season…you want to think about light weight scarves…such as in linen, cotton, silk or a blend of these…
say for example you are loving that pastels are big this season (which they are…along with bold bright colors) but you aren’t really keen on getting big pieces in pastel…finding a scarf in your favorite pastel color is all you need…add it to your neutrals…your plain white tees…or mix it in with some brights…and you have just incorporated a new trend in your wardrobe…without going all out…
infinity scarf
j crew

the same would work in a bold color…you don’t need to buy a whole pant suit in a bold color (unless of course that is your style)…just find that perfect bold color in a scarf…

perhaps you are interested in playing with prints…but feeling a bit timid…here are some fun examples of adding a fun geometric or floral print…doesn’t it add just the perfect amount of fun to an outfit?

echo geo wrap

liberty floral scarf
j crew

kate spade chevron stripe scarf

such an easy way to bring your basics to life…or baby steps to trying out a new trend…a scarf is easy and the choices are limitless…

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