great tips by stacy & clinton…

i came across this lovely pic on pinterest…and as i read the “7 things i learned from stacy & clinton”…i could actually hear them saying it…guess i watched a lot of “what not to wear“…i loved the show…as it is what i do with my clients…although i have never walked into a closet and proceeded to throw every item away…will it ever happen? never say never…right?

for the most part…my wonderful job consists of working with both men & women…in creating the right wardrobe for them…the one that will fit into every area of their busy lives…and let’s be honest…it just isn’t realistic to throw out every piece of clothing…my job is to figure out what works…what is missing…what needs to go…and how to put it all together…

but back to stacy & clinton…these are great little fashion tidbits that everyone can use…whether you are creating your wardrobe on your own…or using a wardrobe stylist…these bear repeating…

1. invest in a good bra
lousy foundations = lousy fit.

2. dress the body you have,
not the body you want.

3. your tailor is your friend.

4. it doesn’t need to match,
it needs to “go”.

5. neutrals go with everything,
but need color to pop.

6. without accessories,
you’re only half-dressed.

7. there is a line between feminine and frumpy.
there is also a line between lady and “loose”.
don’t cross either of them.

stacyclinton photo source