i got it on sale…

while i am a big proponent of getting things at a deal…i will say…the one thing i hear the most when cleaning out closets…is the excuse of “i got it on sale…” like somehow, that constitutes a good reason to buy an item…

the rules always remain the same when shopping…

  • are you buying something that you love?
  • does it fit you?
  • does it fit your personal style?
  • does it go with other items in your closet?

one post that you will often see on my facebook biz page is the following:

fashion tidbit:  the next time you are perusing the sale racks, remember to ask yourself this question:..

“would i pay full price for this?”

 if the answer is no, leave it on the rack and walk away…

just remember…the most expensive item in your closet is the one with the tags on…that you’ve never worn…so yes, you may have paid only $20…but if you are not wearing that item…you paid $20 too much…and in that same way of thinking…you may have bought an item for $100…and wear it over and over…cost per wear…you spent less on the $100 item…

so as you are shopping…especially during the sales…don’t be swayed by the price tag…don’t buy an item just because “it was on sale…” buy it…because you could see it in your wardrobe…

till next time…stay stylish!


  1. thanks kimber! i believe many are enticed by a “good” price…when it’s an item they would normally not even think about…always good to ask yourself…”do i love this…or do i only love the price?”

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